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Stock Metals

At PPD Ltd we stock the following metal types:

Brass0.1mm - 1.2mm

Nickel Silver0.2mm - 0.9mm

Phosphor Bronze  - 0.15mm - 0.4mm

Stainless Steel 0.01mm - 2mm

Copper0.3mm - 0.9mm

We also offer a silver etching service, please contact us for further information.

FAQ on Stock Metals & Metal Selection:

What is the largest sheet size I can order?
It depends on which metal type and thickness is selected, a full list of sizes is available on the ‘Stock Metal Info’ pdf.

What thickness of metal should I use?
For advice on the most suitable metal thickness please take a look at our ‘Metal Selection’ guide.

Can I supply my own metal?
Technically yes, if you have a specific thickness you would like us to use that we do not stock then no problem, the cost will be slightly cheaper, please give us a call if you would like further information.

What is the cheapest metal I can use?
The cheapest metal is Brass.

What grades of metal do you stock?
- Stainless Steel Grade Full Hard 302/304 (Limited range of 316 grade)
- Brass Half Hard CZ108/CUZN37
- Copper Full Hard CU106
- Phosphor Bronze Full Hard Grade PB103
- Nickel Silver Grade 103 & 106.

The thickness I need is not listed, can you order it for me?
Depending on order size/timescale and availabilty, yes we will consider ordering in a specific thickness to suit our customers.

Can I order unetched blank metal from PPD Ltd?
Yes, we are happy to supply unetched blank sheets, please contact us for costs and further information.

What is the surface finish on the metals?
Stainless Steel (coil) Bright hard rolled, Stainless Steel (sheet) Brushed & Mill Finished.  All other metals are mechanically cleaned as part of our process and results in a light ‘brushed’ effect.

Can you etch Aluminium?
No, at the moment we do not offer an Aluminium Etching service.

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PPD Ltd, Unit 3, Highbank Park, Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31 8NN

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 E: enquiries@ppdltd.com

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